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L-1 Beef Teriyaki - Prime beef teriyaki with rice
L-2 Chicken Teriyaki - Boneless chicken teriyaki with rice
L-3 Lunch Mene - Broiled eel with your choice of Udon or California roll
L-4 Negimaki - Tender beef sliced and wrapped around scallions
L-5 Tempura - Deep fried shrimps and vegetables


(Includes Miso Soup, rice, House Salad, 3 shrimp Dumplings, Vegetable Tempura, Daily Special and 3 Pieces California or
Tuna Roll)
B-1 Beef teriyaki Hako
B-2 Chicken Teriyaki Hako
B-3 Salmon Teriyaki Hako
B-4 Beef Negimaki Hako
B-5 Chicken Negimaki Hako
B-6 Tempura Hako
B-7 Chicken Katsu Hako
B-8 Tonkatsu Hako
Special: Mene Hako - Chicken Teriyaki, 3 pieces sushi or sashimi, California roll, fish Rice, Ika Salad



S-1* Sushi lunch - 6 Pieces assortments of thin filets of fish on rice
S-2* Roll Combo - Tuna, California, cucumber Rolls. 6 Pieces of each
S-3* Sashimi Regular - Fresh filets of assorted sliced fish
S-4* Chirashi - Special assortment of sashimi with a bowl of rice
S-5* Combo Regular - Sushi and sashimi combination
S-6* Combo Deluxe - Sushi and sashimi combination
S-7* California roll - 12 pieces of California roll

* consuming raw or undercooked meat, eggs, fish or shellfish may increase you risk of food born illness.

D-1 Oyako Donbori - chicken and vegetables cooked in egg served over rice
D-2 Unagi donbori - Broiled eel on a bowl of rice
D-3 Tempura Donbori - Deep-fried shrimps and vegetables over rice
D-4 Katsu Donbori - Deep-fried pork over rice

N-1 Nabeyaki Udon - Noodles with tempura shrimp, vegetables and egg
N-2 Tempura Udon - Noodles in broth topped with tempura
N-3 Yaki Udon - Sauteed noodles with chicken and vegetables
N-4 Zaru soba - Chilled served with side of tempura shrimp