Lunch Menu


Sushi Lunch Specials (Served with house salad and miso soup)
*S-1 Spicy Combo (Spicy Tuna, Spicy California, Spicy Avocado Rolls)
*S-2 Sushi Lunch (6 assorted nigiri (chef's choice), Tuna Roll)
*S-3 Roll Combo (California Roll, Tuna Roll, Cucumber Roll)
*S-4 Sashimi Lunch (8 slices of Fresh assorted fish over radish)
*S-5 Combo Regular (4 assorted nigiri, Tuna Roll, 4 assorted sashimi)
*S-6 Combo Deluxe (6 assorted nigiri, Tuna Roll, 6 assorted sashimi)
*S-7 Chirashi Lunch (assortment of fresh fish over a bowl of sushi rice)
S-8 California Lunch (2 orders of California Rolls)
S-9 Vegetable Roll Combo (Cucumber&Avocado, Asparagus, Cucumber)

Bento Lunch Boxes (Includes vegetable tempura, dumplings, rice, 3pc Cali roll, daily special, salad and miso
pick your main dish from the following items
*B-1 Beef Teriyaki
B-2 Chicken Teriyaki
B-3 Salmon Teriyaki
B-4 Beef Negimaki
B-5 Chicken Negimaki
B-6 Shrimp Tempura
B-7 Chicken Katsu
B-8 Tonkatsu

B-9 Vegetarian (Veggie Teriyaki, Veggie Tempura, Soybeans, Seaweed Salad, 3pcs cucumber&avocado roll, rice, salad, and miso)
B-10 ME'NE Hako Special (3pcs Sushi, 6pcs Cali Roll, Chicken Teriyaki, Seaweed Salad, Ika Salad, dumplings, salad, miso soup, and hot bowl of rice with roe)

Lunch Entrees (Served with Rice, house salad, and miso soup)
*L-1 Beef Teriyaki (Grilled strips of prime steak in teriyaki)
L-2 Chicken Teriyaki (Grilled strips of chicken breast in teriyaki)
L-3 Salmon Teriyaki (Grilled Salmon filet in Teriyaki)
L-4 Chicken Negimaki (Slices of chicken, wrapped around scallions, broiled in teriyaki)
L-5 Beef Negimaki (Slices of Steak wrapped around scallions, broiled in teriyaki)
L-6 Tempura (Shrimp and Vegetables, deep-fried with crispy light batter served with dipping sauce)
L-7 Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet, sliced and served with side of Japanese bbq sauce)

N-1 Tempura Udon (soft thick wheat noodles, in broth, with veggies, topped with tempura shrimp)
N-2 Nabeyaki Udon (soft thick wheat noodles, in broth, with veggies, chicken, egg, and tempura shrimp)
N-3 Yaki Udon (Soft noodles, stir-fried with chicken, vegetables in tangy vegetable sauce)
N-4 Zaru Soba (Thin buckwheat noodles, chilled, served with dipping sauce)
N-5 Lunch ME'NE (slices of fresh water eel over a bowl of rice, with choice of udon soup or Cali Roll)

Due to the exceptional value of our lunch specials, there will be no substitutions please.
*These items contain raw or under-cooked ingredients. Consuming raw or under-cooked seafood and meat may increases your risk of food born illness.