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House Salad - Small tossed greens with ginger dressing
Tofu Salad - Green topped with tofu, ginger dressing
Midori Salad - Greens, sliced avocado with ginger dressing
Seaweed Salad - Three kinds of seaweed in sesame oil dressing
Ika Salad - Marinated strups of squid and seaweed
Sunomomo - Your choice Kani (crab legs) or Tako (octopus) or Ebi (shrimp) Greens, cucumber, seaweed in vinegar
Comno Su - Crab, octopus, and shrimp in greens and vinegar


Miso - Soybean broth, scallions, tofu, seaweed
Udon Soup - Clear broth, noodles, seaweed, tofu, scallions
Tofu Soup - Large bowl tofu, shitake, seaweed in miso broth
Osumash - Seafood, seaweed, scallions, in clear broth
Ishikare Nabe - Salmon tofu veg. in large bowl of miso broth


Asparagus shitake - Sauteed asparagus, shitake in creamy tangy sauce
Age Dashi Tofu - Tempurad tofu squares in tempura sauce, bonita
Chicken Katsu - Breaded chicken on skewers with dipping sauce
Edammame - Steamed salted fresh soybeans
Gyoza - Pan fried beef vegetable potstickers
Ika Shoga Yaki - Sauteed squid in ginger sauce
Hamachi Kama - Broiled yellowtail cheek, salted
Kushi - Shrimp and scallops broiled on skewers
Negimaki - Thin siced beef wrapped around scallions, broiled
Oshitashi - Cold steamed spinach in sesame sauce, bonita
Salmon Kama - Broiled salted salmon
Shumai - Steamed shrimp filled dumplings
Tatsutage Age - Seasoned deep fried chicken strips
Tempura - Lightly breaded shrimp and vefetables
Tofu Steak - Broiled tofu steaks with teriyaki sauce
Tofu Miso - Broiled tofu topped with miso sauce
Tuna Tataki - Sered tuna steaks, shipped fresh ginger, ponzu
Vege Tempura - Lightly breaded assortment of begetables
Yaki-Tori - Grilled chicken, begetables, on skewers, teriyaki



Teriyaki - Grilled to perfection, served on a hot plate, smotherd in sweet teriyaki
Choose one type below...
Vegetable (sprouts, peppers, broccoli, carrots)
Chicken (boneless white meat)
Steak (prime beef)
Salmon (fresh salmon filets)
Tuna (fresh tuna filets)
Shrimp & Lobster
Combo (shrimp, lobster, scallops)

- Lightly breaded, crisp, deep fried, served with dipping sauce
Choose one type below...
Vegetable (assorted fresh veg.)
Chicken (strips of white meat)
Shrimp & Veg
Shrimp &Lobster

Bimbimbap - Rice, assorted steamed vegetable, egg in hot stone bowl
Choose one type below...
Beef (thin sliced marinated beef)
Vegetarian (asst. of steamed veg.)
Seafood (squid, shrimp, scallop)

Katsu - Deep fried breaded cutlets, cut into strips, served with Japanese barbeque
Choose one type below...
Tonkatsu (pork)

Negimaki - Thin slices of meat rolled around scallions, broiled in teriyaki
Choose one type below...

Hot-N-Spicy - Lightly breaded, stir-fried with carrots, peppers, onions in tangy spicy sauce
Choose one type below...
* all above dinners are served with rice, miso soup & house salad (no substitutions, please)


Salmon Gomayaki (broiled salmon with creamy sesame sauce)
Saba Shioyaki (broiled, salted mackerel)
Hot Seafood (shrimp, scallops, squid, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, peppers, in simmering hot sauce)


Bul Goki* (thin slices of marinated beef, served on hot plate)
Mandoo Guk (beef dumplings, egg, scallions simmered in clear broth soup)
Maeuntang (cod figh, oriental begetables in spicy broth, in hot pot)
Pajeon (valery of seafood, scallions, in a crisp pancake)
Hwedabap* (variety of chopped raw fish, over salad, rice, served with side of spicy sauce)
Squid Bokum (squid, veg. in spicy Korean sauce, served on simmering hot plate)



Combination (2 items + miso + salad)
Choose 2 of the following
Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki*, Salmon Teriyaki, Tempura (shrimp, veg.), Rainbow Roll (5 kinds of fish around call roll), Dragon Roll (eel, avocado around tempura roll), Roll Combo* (cali, tuna, cuc. Rolls)
Roll Combo* (cali, tuna, cuc, rolls)

Mene Bento for Two (includes)
House Salad, Miso Soup, Soybeans, Sushi or Sashimi*, California Roll, Ika Salad, Seaweed Salad, Dumplings, Tempura Shrimp & Veg., Chicken or Beef Teriyaki*, Salmon Teriyaki and Ice Cream


Sushi & Sashimi (miso+salad)
Combo Regular* (sushi, sashimi, roll)
Combo Deluxe* (sushi, sashimi, roll)
Tekka Don* (raw slices of tuna over rice)
Sake Don* (raw slices of salmon over rice)
Roll Combo* (California, tuna, cucumber, rolls)
Tuna Lovers* (3peices of tuna roll, spicy tuna roll, spi9cy tuna hand roll)
Salmon Lovers* (3 pieces of salmon, salmon roll, spicy salmon roll, salmon skin hand roll)
Seafood Lovers (3peices of shrimp, shrimp cali roll, cali special roll, spicy cali hand roll)
* consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, or shellfish may increase your risk of food Bourne illness



Served over bowl of steamed white rice
Tofu (steamed tofu, veg. in egg)
Oyako (chicken. Veg. in egg)
Katsu (breaded pork, veg. in egg)
Tempura (lightly breaded shrimp, vegetables and egg)
Unagi (broiled fresh water eel, smothered in sweet eel sauce)


Thick soft wheat noodles
Vegetable (asst. of fresh veg. in veg. Broth)
Tempura (breaded shrimp, vegetables in broth)
Nabe Yaki (chicken, tempura shrimp, veg., egg in broth, served in hot pot)
Yaki Udon (chicken, vegetables, noodles stir fried in tangy vegetable sauce)



Thin buckwheat chilled noodles
Zaura (noodles served with side of dipping broth)
Tempura (side of tempura shrimp, dipping broth)



Ice cream * (sweet red bean, green tea, ginger)
*green tea is available upon request

  Soft Drinks (coke, diet, orange, sprite, root beer, lemonade)
Iced Tea (unsweetened)
Juice (orange, cranberry)
Alcohol (please refer to the alcohol list located on your table for information)