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sautéed asparagus and shiitake mushroom in a rich creamy, tangy sauce
tempura tofu squares in tempura sauce topped with bonito flakes and scallion

AVOCADO BLOSSOM (8pcs) 9.99 crispy breaded avocado slices, with tempura sauce
BROILED MUSSELS 8.99 topped with creamy spicy sauce
CHICKEN KATSU 6.99 crispy breaded chicken, with katsu sauce
CHICKEN WINGS (6pcs) 8.99 deep Fried chicken wings
DYNAMITE (Baked) 9.99 chopped seafood baked in creamy spicy sauce, on top on sushi rice
EDAMAME 3.99 steamed soybeans
GYOZA (6pcs) 5.99 deep Fried pot stickers filled with minced pork and vegetables, served with ponzu sauce
IKA SHOGA YAKI 8.99 sautéed squid, marinated in ginger teriyaki sauce
*HAMACHI KAMA 10.99 seasoned and broiled yellowtail collar, with ponzu sauce
*ME'NE BALLZ 10.99 stuffed mushroom with spicy tuna, spicy crab, deepFried, served with seasoned greens and masago
OSHITASHI 5.99 chilled steamed spinach, with creamy roasted sesame sauce and bonito flakes

*SALMON KAMA 8.99 seasoned and broiled salmon collar, with ponzu sauce
SHUMAI (6pcs) 5.99 steamed shrimp dumplings, with ponzu sauce
SOFT SHELL CRAB 8.99 whole crab, crispy breaded and deep Fried, with ponzu sauce
TATSUTAGE CHICKEN 6.99 deep Fried seasoned chicken strips, with tempura sauce
SHRIMP TEMPURA (4pcs) 9.99 lightly breaded deep Fried shrimp, with tempura sauce
SHRIMP (2pcs) & VEGETABLE (4pcs) TEMPURA 8.99
lightly breaded deep Fried shrimp and vegetables, with tempura sauce
TOFU STEAK 5.99 grilled tofu with choice of creamy miso sauce OR teriyaki sauce
VEGETABLE TEMPURA 6.99 lightly breaded deep Fried vegetables, with tempura sauce


Ginger Salads (mixed lettuce salad, with homemade ginger dressing)

CALIFORNIA SALAD (shredded crab stick, avocado, cucumber) 8.99
*SASHIMI SALAD (2 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 tilapia) 10.99


SEAWEED SALAD marinated seaweed in vinaigrette sesame oil 4.99
IKA SALAD marinated thin slices of squid 6.99
CRAB SALAD shredded creamy crab with avocado 6.99
SPICY CRAB SALAD shredded creamy spicy crab with avocado 7.99
*SPICY TUNA SALAD chopped tuna with spicy sauce with avocado 8.99
BAKED SPICY CRAB SALAD baked spicy crab salad 8.99
*SALAD SAMPLER seaweed, ika, spicy tuna and crab salad 12.99
CUCUMBER SALAD marinated cucumber and shredded crab stick in sweet vinegar 4.99
with: Kani (Crab Stick) 5.99
Tako (Octopus) 7.99
Ebi (Shrimp) 7.99
Combo (Kani, Ebi, Tako) 9.99


MISO tofu, scallions, sweaweed in soybean broth 1.99
TOFU tofu, shiitake mushroom, seaweed, dried tofu, fishcake, in miso broth 5.99
UDON noodles, seaweed, scallions, dried tofu, fishcake, in clear broth 5.99
OSUMASHI seafood, seaweed, and scallions in clear broth 5.99
ISHIKARE NABE salmon, tofu, vegetables, in miso broth 5.9

  served with ginger salad, miso soup and white rice (brown rice $1.50)

TERIYAKI (served on a hot skillet, with vegetables, in teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds)

VEGETABLE (bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, bean sprouts, shiitake mushroom, zucchini) 10.99
CHICKEN (chicken breast) 14.99 SHRIMP 18.99 *STEAK (prime beef) 18.99 SALMON 18.99

TEMPURA (lightly breaded, deep Fried, with tempura sauce)

VEGETABLE (broccoli, carrot, onion, zucchini, sweet potato, bell pepper) 11.99
SHRIMP (8pcs of shrimp) 18.99
SHRIMP & VEGETABLES (6pcs of shrimp and 6pcs of vegetables) 19.99
CHICKEN &VEGETABLES (6pcs of chicken and 6pcs of vegetables) 17.99

KATSU (crispy breaded cutlet, deep Fried, served with shredded cabbage with katsu sauce)

CHICKEN (chicken breast) 13.99 DONKATSU (pork) 14.99 BEEF (steak) 16.99

HOT & SPICY (lightly breaded, stir-Fried with carrots, onion, bell peppers in spicy tangy sauce)

CHICKEN (chicken breast) 13.99 SHRIMP 18.99 CHICKEN WINGS 15.99


HOT SEAFOOD shrimp, bay scallops, squid, mussels, vegetables, stir-Fried in spicy sauce 25.99


served with ginger salad and miso soup (brown rice $1.50)

BIBIMBAP (rice, steamed vegetables seasoned, egg yolk and seaweed flakes on top, served in a hot stone bowl with side of red pepper paste sauce)

EXTRA : vegetable 2.99 tofu 1.50 chicken 4.99 beef 5.99 shrimp (4pcs) 7.99 seafood 8.99
DOUBLE : vegetable 4.99 tofu 2.99 chicken 6.99 beef 7.99 shrimp (7pcs) 9.99 seafood 10.99

*TOFU (steamed tofu) 13.99
*CHICKEN (marinated diced chicken breast) 14.99
*BEEF (thin slices of marinated beef) 15.99
*SHRIMP (seasoned shrimp) 16.99
*SEAFOOD (seasoned shrimp, bay scallops, squid) 18.99

DONBURI (ingredients simmered together and served over rice)

UNAGI DON thin slices of broiled freshwater eel, topped with sweet sauce 18.99
*TEKKA DON thin slices of tuna sashimi on sushi rice 17.99
*SAKE DON thin slices of salmon sashimi on sushi rice 17.99
*SASHIMI DON chopped variety of fresh fish over salad, rice and 18.99
(HWEDABAP) vegetables with spicy sauce, served with miso soup only

FRIED RICE (stir-Fried rice, with egg and mixed vegetables)

VEGETABLE 11.99 BEEF 13.99 CHICKEN 12.99 SHRIMP 15.99


(thick soft white wheat noodles)

KAKE served with only broth and noodles 6.99
VEGETABLE assortment of fresh vegetables in broth 8.99
TEMPURA tempura shrimp and vegetable in broth 9.99
NABEYAKI chicken, egg, vegetables and tempura shrimp in broth served in a hot pot 12.99
SEAFOOD vegetables, shrimp, squid and bay scallops in broth 14.99
CHICKEN YAKI stir-Fried with chicken and vegetables in tangy sauce 12.99
VEGETABLE YAKI stir-Fried with vegetables in tangy sauce 10.99
SPICY NOODLES noodles and vegetables stir-Fried with spicy seasoning with choice of :
TOFU 11.95 CHICKEN 13.99 SHRIMP 16.99

SOBA (thin dark buckwheat noodles)

TEMPURA tempura shrimp and vegetables in broth 9.99
ZARU chilled noodles, with a side of cold soba sauce 9.99
CHICKEN YAKI stir-Fried with chicken and vegetables in tangy sauce 12.99
VEGETABLE YAKI stir-Fried with vegetables in tangy sauce 10.99


PAJEON crispy seafood and scallion pancake, with sweet and spicy sauce 16.99

- Served with ginger salad, miso soup and white rice (brown rice $1.50)
BULGOGI thin sliced steak marinated in garlic soy and stir-Fried 17.99

KALBI grilled marinated beef short ribs 21.99

JEYUK BOKUM spicy marinated sliced pork, stir-Fried with vegetables 17.99
SQUID BOKUM squid, vegetables, stir-Fried with Korean spicy seasoning 18.99

- Served with ginger salad and white rice (brown rice $1.50)
MANDOOGUK pork dumpling soup with egg, scallion in clear broth 11.99
MAUENTANG spicy cod fish soup with seafood, vegetables and tofu 16.99



*Contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked egg, meat, seafood or shellfish may increase your risks of food borne illness.

Food served may differ from its appearance in the picture.